How to Sort Your Recyclables

Residential Sorting with the (2) 18-gallon blue totes.

Its Simple!

Metal and glass in one bin; Plastic and Paper in the other bin! Cardboard is flattened and goes under the bins on collection day!

Bin 1: Glass and Metal

  • Aluminum (Crushing cans saves space)
  • Tin Cans
  • Glass (Any Color)
  • Foil
  • Pie Plates

Bin 2: Plastic, Paper & Other materials

  • Plastic Bottles #1 – like soda bottles – Clam shell shaped plastics are not currently accepted)
  • Plastic Bottles #2 – like milk or cleaner bottlesCrushing plastics saves significant space in your bins)
  • Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Office Pak – like white paper, envelopes, etc. – if possible, put all paper in a separate bag and place the bag IN the bin.
  • Phone Books
  • Batteries (please put in a seal-able container like an old plastic peanut butter jar or a zip lock bag)

Cardboard – Flatten and place UNDER the bins on your collection Day.

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