How to Sort Your Recyclables Curbside

Click Here to Download the Curbside Recyclable Materials Flyer —> RAD flyer_acceptable-recyclable-material-2020pdf


Simple Dual Stream Recycling Curbside!

  1. Metal and glass in one bin
  2. Plastic and Paper in the other bin
  3. Corrugated Cardboard is flattened and put vertically between the bins on collection day!

Bin 1: Glass and Metal

  • Aluminum
    • Empty & Rinse
    • Crushing cans saves space
  • Tin Cans
    • Empty & Rinse
  • Glass (Any Color)
    • Empty & Rinse
  • Batteries
    • Keep Dry
    • put in a seal-able container like an old plastic peanut butter jar or a zip lock bag
  • NOT Accepted
    • NO Foil
    • No Pie Plates
    • NO Aluminum Pans

Bin 2: Plastic & Paper


    • Plastic Bottles #1
      • Must be bottle shaped
      • Any Color
      • Examples soda or water bottles
      • No Lids or Caps
      • Rinse well enough you would drink out of it
    • Plastic Bottles #2
      •  Must be bottle shaped
      • Examples milk or cleaner bottles
      • Rinse well enough you would drink out of it
      • Crushing plastics saves significant space in your bins
    • Not Acceptable Plastics
      • NO Non-bottle shaped plastics
      • NO Tubs
      • NO Lids or Caps
      • NO Plastic Grocery Bags or Bubble Wrap
      • NO Motor Oil Bottles
      • NO #3-#7 Plastics


    • Newspaper
      • Must be Dry
      • Must be free of coupons and non-newspaper
    • Office Paper
      • examples white copy paper & non-windowed envelopes
      • Must be dry
      • Must be free of any contamination
      • please put newspaper in a separate bag and place the bag IN the bin.
    • NOT Accepted
      • NO Wet Material
      • NO Contamination
      • NO Phone Books
      • NO Magazines
      • NO Catalogs
      • NO Books
      • NO Packing Paper
      • NO Shredded Paper
      • NO Coupons
      • NO Paper Bags
      • NO Staples
      • NO Paper Clips
      • NO Junk Mail with Film Laminated To Paper
      • NO Sticky Notes

Corrugated Cardboard

    • Also known as O.C.C. (Old Corrugated Containers)
    • Acceptable Guidelines
      • Must be corrugated (tear the side, needs to have a wavy interior, see image below)
      • Must be Dry
      • Must be free of any other type of material and/or packing
    • NOT Accepted
      • No Cereal boxes
      • No Greyboard
      • No waxy boxes
      • No Carton or Separators
      • No Egg Cartons
Corrugated Cardboard

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