Policies and Agreements

To submit Service Change Request please contact us via email or phone.

RAD Curbside – Refund Policies


If a customer sends in an overpayment, the overpayment will be placed on the customer account and be applied towards the next invoice.

Seasonal Hold

When an account is placed on seasonal hold any credit that is on the account, due to an advanced payment, will remain on the account and be applied towards the next invoice, when the account comes off seasonal hold.

Closed Accounts

If an account is closed by a customer, any credit left on the account due to advanced payments will be refunded to the customer.  If the customer has a credit card on file that is used for payment, the refund will be placed on the credit card.  If the customer pays by check or the on-line payment system, a refund check will be mailed to the customer.  All refunds will be given within 30 days of the last service, if we are able to retrieve the trash and/or recycling receptacles from the service address.

Service Changes

If a customer calls to make a service change that creates a credit on the account, the credit will remain on the account and be applied to the next invoice for the customer.

Holiday  Schedule

RAD does not operate on select holidays throughout the year typically due the Teton County Transfer Station being closed.

Customers will be contacted directly via email and / or phone to be informed if their regularly scheduled service is temporarily changed.

If the holiday falls on a Monday, there is no change in schedule.  Please add [email protected] to your address book so that our email alerts do not go into junk or spam folders.  Regardless of the day or alternate day, service always starts at 6 A.M.

Holidays                           Collection Impact                          Office
New Years Eve                 To Be Communicated                   Limited Hours
New Years Day                 To Be Communicated                   Closed
Martin Luther King  No change  (Monday)            Closed
Presidents Day          No change  (Monday)            Closed
Memorial Day           No change  (Monday)            Closed
Independence Day         To Be Communicated                    Closed
Veterans Day                    To Be Communicated                    Closed
Thanksgiving Day           To Be Communicated                    Closed
Christmas Eve                  To Be Communicated                    Limited Hours
Christmas Day                  To Be Communicated                    Closed

RAD Curbside SERVICE Policies

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