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Annual Holiday  Service  DETAILS

HOLIDAY SERVICE POLICY – RAD does not operate on select holidays throughout the year. You will be contacted directly via email if your service day is effected.

Holidays                            Collection                                        Office
New Years Eve                  No change                                       Closed
New Years Day                 Service Change Info via Email    Closed
Martin Luther King Day No change  (Monday)                    Closed
Presidents Day                 No change  (Monday)                     Closed
Memorial Day                   No change  (Monday)                    Closed
Independence Day           No change  (Monday)                    Closed
Veterans Day                    Service Change Info via Email     Closed
Thanksgiving Day           Service Change Info via Email     Closed
Christmas Eve                 Service Change Info via Email      Closed
Christmas Day                 Service Change Info via Email      Closed


The following FAQ’s will provide answers to questions which are known and to be determined.

When will RAD Begin/take over providing service?

RAD will begin providing trash and recycling collection services on November 1, 2015.

County & Victor City Residents – avoid Prolonged service disruption

Sign up as soon as possible so we can get you your bin and schedule your service, your previous service provider will no longer be providing you trash removal! www.radcurbside.com/rad-service-sign-up

WHEN WILL I GET MY TRASH ROLL CART and/or Recycling totes?

RAD is delivering residential trash roll carts to households on a daily basis in the order in which residents sign up for RAD’s service. Your cart may be delivered on a different schedule than your neighbor based on the service package you selected and the date in which you signed up.


Weekly roll carts have a black lid, Every Other Week roll carts have an orange lid and monthly carts have a yellow lid.


When you receive your cart, a notice with your service day, the first date of trash pick up service and your service frequency will be taped to the top.  Please be aware that the notice may be on the top or bottom of the lid, depending on the weather.

Is recycling mandatory?

NO, recycling is not required, but it is offered in 6 different combination packages along with trash service

Do I have to change my trash collection service to RAD?

If you live in Victor or in the unincorporated area of Teton County, then Yes, sign up for service as soon as possible to avoid service delays . The County operates on a single-hauler system, therefore any waste hauling and recycling collection services will need to be provided by RAD, the County’s and City of Victor’s designated contractor. Click here to view map

Will rates change?

NO…(and YES for the better); Rates for currently offered services will stay the same AND in addition you will have more service options, some with lower cost, such as once per month service and a select open enrollment opportunities (2x per year) to request a 65-gallon trash roll carts, which saves you $1 per month.

When will routes and schedules be published?

Routes will likely remain the same for the majority of customers, but RAD must see the subscription-type sign up to create the most efficient routes. We are also considering recycling customers and having trash and recycling picked up on the same days.

Will my Current Trash service account automatically transfer?

No, please sign up as soon as possible via:

  • www.RadCurbside.com
  • You can call 208.220.7721
  • Filling out the form mailed you (in the coming weeks)
  • Fill out the form published in the paper (in the coming weeks)

Mail Paper Forms to:
RAD Curbside
PO Box 366 Victor Idaho 83455

Current RAD subscribers, will my RAD account automatically transfer or what do I need to do?

Yes and No. We will need to discuss your trash service preferences. RAD will contact you directly to discuss your options. It’s a way we can say thanks for supporting our local business over the past years!

How do I set up an account with RAD?

3 options to set up a new account with RAD.

  • www.RadCurbside.com
  • You can call 208.220.7721
  • Filling out the form mailed you (in the coming weeks)
  • Fill out the form published in the paper (in the coming weeks)

Mail Paper Forms to:
RAD Curbside
PO Box 366 Victor Idaho 83455

Do I need to get new trash receptacles if I’m currently a Trash customer switching to RAD?

Residents – yes your trash roll carts will be replaced with new, slightly larger roll carts.  They are also slightly shorter

Businesses (3-yard and 6-yard dumpster customers) – Yes, your dumpster will likely be replaced with front load dumpsters.

If you call, please have the following information ready:

  • Number of dumpsters and/or roll carts
  • Frequency of service
  • Days they are serviced
  • Monthly cost
  • Variations per Season – (Summer is June 1 – August 31) and (Winter is Sept 1 – May 31)

Commercial (Roll-offs) – Yes, call 208. 220. 7721 or email [email protected] (If applicable)

What will happen to my current cart?

    • Your Current Cart Will be Replaced – It is assumed your current provider will notify you of when they will pickup their trash carts and provide instructions on how to prepare the carts.  RAD will not pick up from non-RAD receptacles

What color will the carts and lids be?

Trash Roll Carts: 95- and 65-Gallon will be black, since it is the least expensive to purchase and contains the highest percentage of post-consumer plastic. In environmental terms, for trash carts, black plastic is the ‘greenest.’

Lid colors (for trash) will differentiate the carts for frequency.

      • Black Lid = Weekly Service
      • Orange Lid = Every Other Week Service
      • Yellow Lid = Monthly Service
      • Bear Proof Bins will be Black
  • Bear Ordinance – Residents in County designated Bear Areas will only be offered 95 gallon roll carts with either Weekly or Every Other Week Service choices. You maintain the right to use non-bear proof roll carts if you abide by putting your cart out on service days after 8am and take it into an enclosed secured area by 6pm.  RAD suggests using the Bear Proof roll carts, call 208.220.7721 with questions

Recycling Totes: are Blue 18-gallon Bins with Black Snap-Lock Lids. Each customer will receive (2) Bins and (2) Lids, but if you require more, it can be arranged. Service frequency will not be correlated with lid color.

  • Sorting (Dual-Stream Sorting)
    Bin 1 is for metal and glass
    Bin 2 is for #1 & #2Plastic Bottles and Paper.
    Corrugated Cardboard is flattened and placed under the bins at the curbside.
    More detailed sorting and acceptable material information is available www.RadCurbside.com (for information about unique recyclables such as batteries, which go in a plastic jar with a lid and put them in your recycling totes.

What size Trash and recycling carts will I receive?

96-Gallon Trash carts are the same size as you had under the previous hauler.
64-Gallon Trash Carts are an option.
(2) 18-Gallon Recycling Totes, the standard size for all residential customers; Businesses, upon evaluation, will receive the proper number of 30- and 65-gallon carts for recyclables

Do I need a bear proof trash Rollcart?

Since our valley includes both Idaho and Wyoming, there is a slight difference to the guidelines that we need to follow to avoid conflicts in bear territory.   Teton County Idaho guidelines state that if you are within the designated “Bear Conflict Area” then you have a choice to either use an International Grizzly Bear Coalition bear-proof trash receptacle or  you commit to keeping your trash can inside, and only have it outside between 6AM and 8PM on the designated service collection day.  Across the state line in Alta, Wyoming, the current guidelines indicate that all residents and businesses need to use an International Grizzly Bear Coalition bear-proof trash receptacle. We encourage learning more about the guidelines to avoid bear conflict.

Check and see if you are in a Bear Conflict Area and the guidelines that apply at:
– Idaho Map and Guidelines – http://tinyurl.com/TC-ID-Bear
– Wyoming Guidelines– www.tinyurl.com/TC-Wy-BearGuidelines

Is there a cost difference between sizes of the carts?

Yes, the rate is lower for the 64-gallon Cart than the 96-gallon Cart. 95 Gallon Bear-Proof Carts have surcharges since the carts are more expensive and service provision requires manual unlocking of the bin at pickup.; Recycling Totes are all the same

How often will RAD collect my Trash and recycling?

Trash and Recycling will be collected according to your service level selection. In the near future you will receive a “welcome packet” including service description(s) and Routing information via email or in your welcome packet.

By what time do I need to have my Trash and recycling carts on the curb?

All carts must be at the curb by 6:00am

Does it matter where I place my Trash Roll Cart and recycling totes for pick up?

Carts should be placed along the curb or road edge in the same place that the previous hauler had you place them until further notice. Subject to further instructions due to the design of some roads. If you have multiple trash carts, they should be separated by approximately 3 feet to allow for the automated arm to fit in between the carts. Face the lid opening to the street by using the direction arrows on the carts. Recycling totes should be close together and placed on top of flattened corrugated cardboard.

Where do I store my cart(s) when not at the curb?

It is preferred that all carts should be stored in a garage or a covered space after service is provided. If you are located in a bear conflict area, you must store your roll cart in a garage or bear-proof shed.

Will RAD collect extra bags of refuse that do not fit into my cart?

Call 208.220.7721 in advance of pickup. If notified in advance and the materials are approved, RAD will remove bags and materials not in the cart. Approval is required and fees may apply.

How much will I pay per month?

Service Costs are dependent upon your service level selection. Service rates are mainly based on frequency of service since the majority of cost is related to operational overhead. Go to www.RadCurbside.com, click on Service Sign Up button to see all service options and rates.

How will I pay my bill come November 1, 2015?

Five different ways to pay your bill:

  • Online Account log in by clicking on Bill Pay on www.RadCurbside.com
  • Auto Debit or Credit
  • Mail (Paper Bill)
  • Phone
  • Drop Box located at our front door
  • Walk-In

Is a Seasonal option available through RAD if we are on extended vacation or are a part time resident?

Yes, this option is available for those who are away from their residence for extended periods of consecutive days. Some limitations and fees apply and you must be a registered account holder. Please indicate details of your seasonal residency when you sign up for an account and ask for our Vacation/Seasonal and On-Call Policy overview

How do I report missed pickups?

Contact RAD via [email protected] or 208.220.7721 if your trash or recycling is not emptied by 6pm on the collection day.

Do I have to rinse out my recyclables before putting them in the cart?

It is preferred and appreciated, but they don’t have to sparkle. Just quickly rinse the containers. You may leave the labels attached. Remove lids and empty liquids.

Will the types of recyclable materials expand?

Yes it is likely (in the near future), the hauler transition is substantial and the provision of recycling and trash by one company will likely cause an increase in volumes of currently accepted materials simply due to convenience. However, increasing the number of recyclable materials is a clear objective in RAD’s diversion plan. Expansion of materials is partly dependent up expanding the processing systems at the Transfer Station. RAD and Teton County are planning regular collaboration meetings regarding this topic.

Does RAD offer Yard-Waste, Organic-Waste or Hazardous-waste collection services?

Likely in the future, but not at this time. Specialty waste collections options may be added in the future and were included as opportunities in RAD’s diversion plan.

Does RAD accept hazardous waste material?

No, RAD will NOT handle any hazardous waste (HW) material and neither does the Transfer Station. Hazardous waste collection is currently not available for residents in Teton County Idaho. However, the County and RAD are researching new options. In the mean time, residents can bring their HW to Teton County Wyoming’s transfer station and be reimbursed for costs by Teton County Idaho.
RAD will provide all customers a list of HW materials that can NOT go in your Trash Cart or Recycling bins. For more info visit the Teton County Idaho Hazardous Waste Page

Will the County still have an annual Community Clean Up Event?

Yes and RAD will continue to support the event as we have! The annual Teton County Clean Up Event will continue.  During the spring months, there is (1) free “self-haul” and disposal option currently offered to Teton County residents at the Teton County Transfer Station. Each City participates as well, but subject to change each year. Check the County’s website for more information. We will notify you as well.

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